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Product Overview

On-Set Power Generation Made Cleaner

Hybrid Technology On Board

The h40 from Panalux Power combines a diesel engine with an advanced lithium-ion battery array. Without turning on its diesel engine, the h40 can power a 3,000W load for 8 hours on batteries alone.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

Cut your carbon footprint by switching to the h40. Run your low loads on battery power alone, with far fewer emissions than a conventional generator.

Eliminate Noise Pollution

Put the power of flexible scheduling back into your hands. Need to shoot a quiet night scene in a residential area? The h40 only makes a sound when its diesel generator kicks in. Choose the h40 and let the neighbours sleep.

Reliable As Ever

Same Output. Cleaner Generation. More Reliable.

The h40’s unique hybrid system provides the same consistent, dependable power that’s expected from a conventional diesel generator, but with a distinct advantage. Because the generator never idles and the diesel engine only engages to charge the batteries, the h40 can generate just as much power with less fuel, for longer and without any unnecessary damage to the generator.

Environmentally Aware

ULEZ Friendly

Responding to the wider climate crisis and city centres’ emissions restrictions, the h40 complies with the strictest standards and is ULEZ friendly. Choose the h40 and reduce your production’s environmental impact.

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Go Anywhere

Reliable Power, Whatever the Location.

Mounted on a 4x4 truck base, the h40 from Panalux Power can go wherever your shoot might take you. Be it a city centre or rural vista, the h40 has your power needs covered.

Looking to the Future

What more can you do?

With the h40, Panalux is looking ahead to the future of the film industry and leading the charge to lessen any harmful impact on the environment. Use the resources below to find out how you can do more to make our industry environmentally sustainable.

Free tips and resources for shoots that want to go greener.

Professional estimations and production tools to offset your carbon footprint, in partnership with BAFTA.

With a zero-to-landfill policy, shoot at one of the most environmentally sustainable studios in the UK.


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